About us

The mission of our house is the production of films with relevant stories – be they personal human or socio-political – told by authors with a recognizable author’s style. We believe in the careful preparation and development of film projects and strive for international connections. Genre, genre and length do not limit us.

And why Bela film?

Weiss means white in German, and it symbolizes, among other things, perfection and positivity, and it most often appears as a symbol of eternity and absoluteness. It is nothing from which everything can develop. Bela krajina is also a small and remote region in the south-east of Slovenia, where Ida and Maja Weiss grew up. It is one of the most beautiful and untouched corners of Slovenia, famous for the hospitality of the locals.

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BELA FILM d.o.o.
Seat: Beljaška ulica 32, 1000 Ljubljana

E-mail: info@belafilm.si

VAT ID: SI 66860954
Registration number: 1293630
The company is registered at the District Court
in Ljubljana under serial number 13059100


The founders



Ida is a graduate multimedia producer. She has been engaged in film production since 1994. Since the very beginning in 1998, she has been the director of Bela Film d.o.o. and the producer of all the films produced by him.

She also works regularly with the production company Senca Studio, and she also gained professional experience as a film director and executive producer for other productions and as a producer of TV Slovenija feature programs (2001 – 2004).



Maja Weiss is one of the most successful and respected Slovenian film directors. In her 25-year career, she signed more than 30 film works that traveled the world and were awarded both at home and abroad.

You can also read more about her work in the publications issued at the joint retrospective of her films and those of her husband, the German director Peter Braatz, at the Crossing Europe festival in Linz, Austria in 2005.