Doberdob – A Novel By A Rebel Hosted Across The Border

Film Doberdob, a Novel by a Rebel will be presented in Friuli – Venezia Giulia in honour of the Slovenian day of culture.

With over 1300 viewers in Slovenia, this month the film will be screened in Kobarid and Nova Gorica as well as across the Slovenian border, in Friuli – Venezia Giulia.

In honour of the Slovenian day of culture the film will first be presented in Doberdò on the 2nd of February 2016. School children will be able to attend the matinee, whereas the rest of the audiences will be able to see the film in the evening. The screenings are organized by Kinoatelje from Gorizia in cooperation with SKRD Jezero, the St Martin parish and Doberdò municipality.

On Wednesday, the 10th of February 2016 at 8:30 p.m., the film will also be premiered at the Trieste Ariston Hall. The event is organized by the Slovenian club in Trieste, the group Gruppo 85 and La Cappella Underground.

On Thursday, the 11th of February 2016 at 8:00 p.m., the film will be presented in Monfalcone (Kinemax cinema) in cooperation with Palazzo del Cinema from Gorizia.

In cooperation with the cultural society Oton Zupancic, the film will also be screened in Sant’Andrea. The film is scheduled for Friday, the 12th of February 2016 at 8.00 p.m.

Martin Turk, born in Trieste, director of the film, will personally attend each screening. The film will be subtitled in Italian.

On the 10th of March 2016, the viewers will be able to see the film in Bleiburg, Carinthia, Austria.

From the media:

„The documentary film Doberdob, a Novel by a Rebel successfully gives a comprehensive portrait of the period between the two world wars and after 1945, introducing an exciting story with many twists that – according to Martin Turk – we wouldn’t be willing to believe if it was turned into a feature film.“

Matej Juh, Radio Slovenija

„The documentary Doberdob, a Novel by a Rebel (…), filmed by the author and director Martin Turk, determinedly puts Prezihov Voranc right back into the Slovene historical memory as late as 65 years after the writer’s death.(…).

The film Doberdob, a Novel by a Rebel is an exceptional example of documentarian craft; besides, it includes suspense and a poetic, even open ending.“

Ženja Leiler, Delo

„The contents of this documentary, i. e. the information it contains, make it both interesting and intriguing enough so that it may give inspiration for at least three feature films.“

Zdenko Vrdlovec, Dnevnik

„The documentary feature presenting various narrators and professionals is not purely the story about a novel but mostly the life story of Prezihov Voranc. And what a cinematic life it was! What an existence!“

Irena Staudohar, Delo, Saturday Supplement

„Many narrators, Prezih’s grand-daughter Metka PetriC among them, allow the documentary to encompass several dimensions of Prezihov Voranc, thus showing his literary and poetic greatness that surpasses his primary fame as the author of Lilies of the Valley and The Self-Sown.“

Petra Lesjak Tušek, Večer

„The documentary feature acquires additional weight because of the narration of publicly less exposed historians, the final stress being given by the interview with Voranc’s grand-daughter Metka Petrič.“

Jožica Hribar, Svobodna beseda

„Basically I find Doberdob, the documentary directed by Martin Turk, to be an excellent film. I feel it is an ideal combination of human narrations regardless of who they were, be it Prezih’s grand-daughter, literary historians, Slavonic scholars or anybody who testified as to the fate of Doberdob. Namely, we all know that among all of Prezih’s novels the story behind Doberdob was the most remarkable one.“

MIRKO OSOJNIK (retired curator of the Carithian Regional Museum) after the premiere of the film at Ravne, Carinthia

„The director of the film chose an interesting method by creating a docudrama. The film includes a number of illustrations by Damjan Stepancic created especially for the film. As very few photographs of Voranc have been preserved, the director filled the void by using illustrations, so that viewers can catch a glimpse of the historic events more easily.

I find the film very interesting. It inspired me to read the novel Doberdob. It has approximately 500 pages but I found it interesting.“

Nika Janjic, 9a, journalism workshop at the primary school of Loka Crnomelj

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