On Friday, November 15th, Martin Turk’s feature film DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE will have its Croatian premiere at Zagreb Film Festival. Among others, the film was co-produced by Croatian Studio Dim and received financial support from Croatian Audio-Visual Centre and HRT. The making of the film was a collaboration with a talented Croatian team, such as Turk’s regular associate, director of photography Radislav Jovanov Gonzo. Several Slovenian team-members will also be present at the Zagreb premiere, such as the director Martin Turk, producer Ida Weiss, co-screenwriter Gorazd Trušnovec and the actors Matija Valant (Klemen), Tine Ugrin (Peter), Ronja Matijevec Jerman (Jana) in Jakob Cilenšek (Gregor). The film will show in a PLUS section, a competition program of recent fiction films curated by high schoolers.
The film will then continue its festival journey to the 19th Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival – Cinémamed, which starts on November 29th. The festival will offer more than 60 recent cinematic productions hailing from the Mediterranean Basin, highlighting the diversity of the countries located there.
Besides Turk’s Don’t Forget To Breathe, seven other titles will take part in the Official Competition. Such films are The Traitor by Marco Bellocchio, presented in competition at Cannes; the Serbian flick Stitches by Miroslav Terzic, which won the Europa Cinemas Label in the Panorama section of the Berlinale; and the French film The End of Love by Keren Ben Rafael, which was first unveiled at Venice, in the Biennale College Cinema section.

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