Exciting November For Our Films

After a remarkably successful London premiere, the documentary film Blue Velvet Revisited directed by the German author Peter Braatz is having it’s Slovenian premiere at the LIFFe Ljubljana Film Festival.

On November 10, 2016 the visitors of the Slovene Cinematheque – Slovenska kinoteka – have another opportunity to enjoy David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, produced in 1986. Immediately after the screening of the feature film they will be able to indulge themselves with Braatz’s Blue Velvet Revisited, which Hollywood Reporter described as a “quietly mesmerizing sensory experience, with a distinctive rhythm and look that makes it a stand-alone artwork rather than a mimetic mirror of its subject”. On November 18the film will also be screened at the LIFFe festival in Ljubljana. After the screening the audience will be able to listen to a discussion with the film crew. The refreshments will be sponsored by the German Embassy in Ljubljana.

In November, the film Blue Velvet Revisited will also be screened at the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival in Lisbon, at the Polish festival Camerimage dedicated to film photography, at the Clique Film Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and at the biggest South American film festival in Mar del Plata.

The film is a co-production between Taris Film (Germany) and Bela film (Slovenia) and financially supported by Filmstiftung NRW, Germany and Slovenian Film Centre.

Short film A Well-Spent Afternoon directed by Martin Turk is another of our productions that was received very favourably at a number of international film festivals: in October and November alone it was presented more than ten times in several countries. Besides being screened at some of the most important festivals for youth in Denmark (Buster), in the USA (the 33rd Chicago International Children’s Film Festival), and in Brussels (Filem’on), it was presented as part of the competition programme of the 38th international film festival Cinemed in Monpellier and at the Cyprus International Film Festival of short films.

The film will shortly be presented at the film festival in Leeds, England, as part of its competition programme. It will be included in The Divided Self Shorts Programme, which poses a fundamental question whether extreme behaviour is the only possible answer to the fact that the world is becoming increasingly insane. The winning short film will qualify for the Academy Award nomination in the category of best short films.

For the complete list of all the screenings of A Well-Spent Afternoon see here.

We are also announcing a television premiere of the documentary film Doberdob – a Novel by a Rebel on Sunday, November 20, 2016, on TV Slovenija.

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