The sold-out Ljubljana premiere of the film Doberdob – Roman Upornika.

After Monday’s extremely successful central premiere at Kinodvor, the film will be shown there every day from tomorrow, November 12. On Thursday, there will also be a screening in Črnomlje, next week in Sežana.

The response to the film was beyond expectations. This time too, the audience was delighted to note that they learned a lot of new and incredible things about Prežiho’s Voranc and his autobiographical novel Doberdob.

Journalist Ženja Leiler tweeted after watching the film, “Whatever you think about Prežiho’s Voranc.” But Martin Turk’s documentary is great! What a novel and film character!”

Former president Milan Kučan and his wife Štefka Kučan, publicist Alenko Puhar and poet and writer Elsa Budau were among the visitors.

After the film, a large film crew was introduced to the audience, and the evening continued in the full Kavarna Kinodvora, where the host of the evening, Jure Longyka, chatted about the film and Voranc with director Martin Turk, Voranc’s granddaughter Metka Petrič and mag. Marko Štepec, head of the curators of the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia.

You can see highlights from the premiere and a recording of the conversation in the cafe at this link.

The film will be on the regular schedule of Kinodvor from Thursday, November 12. Also 12.11. the film will be hosted in Črnomlje, 19.11. and in Sežana. Director Martin Turk will be present at both screenings.

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