World Premiere Of Blue Velvet Revisited At BFI – London Film Festival

Long anticipated premiere of feature documentary by Peter Braatz will be on October 7 at BFI – London Film Festival.

Blue Velvet Revisited is a documentary film based on hours of documentary footage that was filmed and photographed in 1985 in the USA, on the set of “Blue Velvet” of David Lynch. Peter Braatz obtained the exclusive rights to document the entire production of the cult classic film “Blue Velvet” from David Lynch himself, with most of this footage never previously released to the public. In ‘Blue Velvet Revisited’, the film images, numerous sound recordings, photographs, paintings, objects and relics that Braatz had collected are selected and composed into an evocative new film, based on a story told by the Director without the need for narration. These lost and mostly never before seen images are revisited and reinterpreted now, 30 years later.

Film be screened in section “Cult” and accompanied by director, writer and producer Peter Braatz, coproducer Ida Weiss, music composers Erik Stein in Jon Boux (Cult With No Name) and graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook.

At the same time film will be presented at Festival Of Disruption in Los Angeles. Prestigious event held in Los Angeles is entirely curated by David Lynch.

Slovenian premiere will be in November at Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) when film will be screened in double-bill with Lynch’ Blue Velvet (1986).

For more details regarding London screenings please go here.


The original music, distinctive for the movie, is written and performed by duo Cult With No Name, band Tuxedomoon, and John Foxx (former lead singer of Ultravox). The soundtrack was released in the autumn of 2015 through Crammed Discs and received outstanding reviews in Europe as well as in the US, where it was released this year in spring.

Reviews published regarding the original music for the film can be read here.

Graphic design for the film was developed by a famous English designer Jonathan Bernbrook, who used to collaborate with David Bowie.

Peter Braatz

Born in 1959 in Solingen, Germany. He studied film at DFFB in Berlin (1982-88). Since 1988 he is independent filmmaker and producer. 

His filmography includes more than 37 titles, presented at some of the most important world film festivals: Berlin, Oberhausen, München, Hamburg, Osnabrück, Dresden, Duisburg, Oslo, Rotterdam, London, Bilbao, Trento, Los Angeles, Bombay, Dublin, Warschau, St. Petersburg, Marseille, Lausanne, Vallodolid, Kassel, Glasgow, Portoroz, Sarajevo, Drama, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Trieste, Clermont-Ferrand, San Jose, Aspen, Toronto, Gyor, Huesca, Badalona, New York, Ghent, Vila do Conde, Hot Springs, Sheffield, Uppsala, Amiens, Vicenza, Tampere, Manchester, Seattle, …

He collaborated on Wings Of Desire by Wim Wenders, and extensively collaborated with various music bands: Crime & the City Solution, Rausch, Dicky B. Hardy, Indust Bag, B.R.Stylers, Bast, Dežurni Krivci, S.Y.P.H., Tomaž Pengov, Nude, Blumfeld.

Since 1993 he is married to Slovenian filmmaker Maja Weiss.

Peter Braatz alias Harry Rag is founder, singer and writer of the legendary German punk band S.Y.P.H.

Selected filmography:

1982   LAMETTA   16mm   4 min.; 1983   DER BAUER IM PARKDECK   35mm   3 min.; 1984  OLD MAN RIVER   16mm   3 min.; 1985   DER WUNDERBARE MANDARIN   16mm   18 min.; 1987   NO FRANK IN LUMBERTON (David Lynch & Blue Velvet)   16mm   60 min.; 1988   TITANICA   35mm CinemaScope   10 min.; 1989   NOTE ON A NOTE   Beta   10 min.; 1990   DDR-OHNE TITEL   16mm   60 min.; 1992   LA BELLE ELECTRIQUE   16mm   2 min.; 1993   TRANS/TPAHC   16mm   95 min.; 1993   AUF DEM WEG ZURÜCK   16mm   90 min.; 1994   ICH SENDE AUS DEM ALL (Lee Scratch Perry)   16mm   30 min.; 1995   NEVSKI MELODY   Super-8/35mm   9 min.; 1995   BILDZEIT   35mm CinemaScope   14 min.; 1996   FOTO FILM 2001   16mm   60 min.; 1997   SEX PISTOLS, WELCOME HOME   16mm   25 min.; 1998   GARY LUCAS & GOLEM   Beta   30 min.; 1998 DEUTSCHLAND VON AUSSEN   16mm   90 min.; 1999   MOTORKULT   Beta   60 min.; 1999   OVER THE AIR (Damo Suzuki, Michael Karoli)   Super-8/Beta   60 min.; 1999   THE STAIRCASE MYSTERY   16mm   4 min.; 2000   GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY   16mm   5 min.; 2001   STEKLARSKI BLUES   35mm   14 min.; 2002   OVER THE SUN, UNDER THE MOON   Mini-DV/Beta   75 min.; 2003   THE MAKING OF »VARUH MEJE«   DVCam/Beta   74 min.; 2004   MUSIK FLIEGT IN DER LUFT   DVCam/Beta   60 min.; 2007   ČLOVEŠKA RIBICA (DER MENSCHLICHE FISCH)   DVCam/Beta   85 min.; 2007   BLUMFELD – NACKTER ALS NACKT   DVCam/Betacam/DVD   110 min.; 2008   DEUTSCHLAND VON OSTEN   DVCam/DigiBeta   44 min.; 2009   TRACKING THE WALKABOUTS   DVCam/DVD   47 min.; 2011   VEDNO MLADA – SLOVENIJA   HDCAM   67 min.; 2012   TAMIKREST   DigiBeta /DCP   80 min.; 2016   BLUE VELVET REVISITED  DCP, 85 min.


Written, directed and edited by: Peter Braatz

Producer: Peter Braatz

Co-producer: Ida Weiss

Music by: Cult With No Name, Tuxedomoon, John Foxx

Photography: Peter Braatz

Sporadic photography: Frank Behnke

Production sound: Frank Behnke, Peter Braatz

Dramatic consultant: Peter Eisenstein

Re-recording mixer: Julij Zornik

Picture mastering: Gorazd Končar

Graphics: Barnbrook


Film is produced by Taris Film (Germany) in coproduction with Bela film (Ljubljana) and financially supported by German Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and Slovenian film center. Technical support was provided by film studio Viba Film.

Technical data: 85 min.; color+ bw, DCP; in English

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