A Successful Preview Of The Film Doberdò – A Novel By A Rebel In Gorizia

This Tuesday, the Italian town of Gorizia (Italy) witnesses a successful preview of the documentary Doberdò – A Rebel’s Novel, directed by Martin Turk from Trieste. The screening took place at the House of Film (Kinemax) and was organized by the Kinoatelje from Gorizia. The preview in Gorizia announced two ensuing main events: the Slovene premiere of the film at the Cultural Centre of Ravne in Carinthia on November 7 at 7 p.m., and the main event, the screening at Kinodvor, Ljubljana, on November 9 at 7 p.m. Welcome!

The screening was attended by Fabio Vizintin, mayor of Doberdò; Boris Peric, president of the KB 1909 company in Gorizia; Giuseppe Longo, director of the Kinemax Movie House; Marko Sosič, writer and director; Nadja Velušček and Anja Medved, film directors; Ivan Gergolet, film director; and other guests. After the screening, the audience in the packed hall was greeted by the authors of the film. Among them were Martin Turk, director; Radovan Čok, director of photography; Martina Repinc, co-producer of the film for RAI; Vasja Klavora, MA, and Dario Frandolič, both appearing in the documentary film.

The audience received the film very well and the response was positive. Prežihov Voranc’s life story was particularly touching: many viewers were not aware that Lovro Kuhar (with the pen name Prežihov Voranc) was a cosmopolitan and an important figure in the political life of his time. The audience was surprised by the history of the manuscript of Doberdò and the inhuman willpower of Voranc who kept rewriting the novel. Besides following Prežih’s story, the film was impressive because of the historical period it presented, the time of World War I, and the nearby battlefield of Doberdò, for the period is still very much alive in the minds of the local people.

Many viewers commented on the film, saying that everybody should see it, including schoolboys, schoolgirls and students, for it would cancel the traditional view of Voranc as purely an author of rural idylls. This documentary film makes one realize what a broad-minded man Prežihov Voranc actually was and what a great novel his Doberdò is.

Here you can see some photos from the preview.

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